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看来没人理你啊 呵呵
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Acoustic Piano: Brand & Company Profiles




Steinway & Sons


1133 Avenue of the Americas


New York, New York 10036








→ Boston prices


Pianos made by: Kawai Musical Instrument Mfg. Co., Ltd.,


Hamamatsu, Japan and Karawan, Indonesia


In 1992 Steinway launched its Boston line of pianos, designed by Steinway & Sons and built by Kawai. Steinway's stated purpose in creating this line was to supply Steinway dealers with a quality, mid-priced piano containing some Steinway-like design features for those customers "who were not yet ready for a Steinway." In choosing to have a piano of its own design made in Japan, Steinway sought to take advantage of the efficient high-technology manufacturing methods of the Japanese while utilizing its own design skills to make a more musical piano than is usually available from that part of the world.


In 2009, Steinway launched the Performance Edition of the Boston piano with enhancements to the instruments' design and specifications, including a grand inner rim of maple for increased structural integrity and improved tone, the patented Octagrip® pinblock for smoother tuning and more consistent torque, and improvements to hardware and keytop material, among other things. Performance Edition models have model numbers ending in PE. In 2016, the company introduced Performance Edition II grands (PE-II), containing further improvements, including bubinga veneer on the inside rim of all ebony grands, improved finishes, a new plate color, and other cosmetic changes; and a lower-tension scale, resulting in a very clear bass, better treble sustain, and more transparency in the tenor range.


Sold only through select Steinway dealers, Boston pianos are currently available in three sizes of vertical and five sizes of grand. All are made in Japan, except the model UP-118S PE, which is made in Kawai's Indonesian factory.

出售只有通过选择施坦威钢琴经销商,波士顿三大垂直尺寸五尺寸是目前可用的。所有的都是在日本生产的,除了模型up-118s PE,这是卡瓦依在印尼的工厂。

Boston pianos are used by a number of prestigious music schools and festivals, including Aspen, Bowdoin, Brevard, Ravinia, and Tanglewood.


The most obvious visible feature of the Boston grand piano's design (and one of the biggest differences from Kawai pianos) is its wide tail. Steinway says this allows the bridges to be positioned closer to the more lively central part of the soundboard, smoothing out the break between bass and treble. This, plus a thinner, tapered, solid-spruce soundboard and other scaling differences, may give the Boston grands a longer sustain though less initial power. The wide-tail design may also endow some of the grands with the soundboard size normally associated with a slightly larger piano. The verticals are said to have a greater overstringing angle, for the same purpose. Over the last few years, the Boston verticals have been redesigned for greater tuning stability and musical refinement.


A number of features in the Boston piano are similar to those in the Steinway, including the above-mentioned maple inner rim, vertically laminated bridges for better tonal transmission, duplex scaling for additional tonal color, rosette-shaped hammer flanges to preserve hammer spacing, and radial rim bracing for greater structural stability. The Boston grand action is said to incorporate some of the latest refinements of the Steinway action. Cabinet detailing on the Boston grands is similar to that on the Steinway. Boston hammers are made differently from both Kawai and Steinway hammers, and voicers in the Kawai factory receive special instruction in voicing them. All Boston grand models come with a sostenuto pedal; all verticals have a practice (mute) pedal, except for the model UP-118S PE, which has a bass sustain.

在波士顿钢琴的一些功能类似的施坦威,包括上述枫内缘垂直叠桥更好的音调传输,双额外的色调的颜色比例,莲座状的锤锤法兰保持间距,和径向环更大的支撑结构的稳定性。波士顿大动作是说把一些最新的改进行动的施坦威。内阁详述在波士顿大奖赛是类似的施坦威。波士顿锤是由卡瓦依和施坦威锤不同,在卡瓦依工厂voicers接受特殊指令表达他们。所有的波士顿大模型来与一个延音踏板;各个行业有一个实践(静音)踏板,除了模型up-118s PE,具有低音延音。

Boston grands also have certain things in common with Kawai RX-series grands: tuning pins, grand leg and lyre assemblies, radial rim bracing, sostenuto pedal, and the level of quality control in their manufacture. The same workers build the two brands in the same factories. One important way they differ is that Kawai uses carbon-fiber–reinforced ABS Styran plastic for most of its action parts, whereas Boston uses only traditional wooden parts. Although similarly priced at the wholesale level, Kawai pianos tend to be a little less expensive to the retail customer than comparably sized Bostons due to the larger discounts typically given by Kawai dealers.

波士顿大奖赛也有某些共同之处与卡瓦依RX系列大奖赛:弦轴、大腿和琴集会,径向边缘支撑,延音踏板,和他们制造的质量控制水平。同一工人在同一工厂制造两个品牌。一个重要的方式不同的是,卡瓦依采用了碳纤维增强塑料–ABS Styran的大部分行动的部分,而波士顿只使用传统的木制零件。虽然同样的价格在批发层面,卡瓦依钢琴往往是一个小的零售客户比同等大小的波士顿由于较大的折扣通常由卡瓦依经销商给出。

Steinway guarantees full trade-in value for a Boston piano at any time a purchaser wishes to upgrade to a Steinway grand.


Piano technicians are favorably inclined toward Boston pianos. Some find them to have a little better sustain and more tonal color than Kawais, while being otherwise similar in quality. When comparing the two brands, I would advise making a choice based primarily on one's own musical perceptions of tone and touch, as well as the trade-up guarantee, if applicable.


Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser.

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美国零售价: http://www.pianobuyer.com/curren ... -prices-boston.html

实际售价 = MSRP + 销售税 (5-10% + $200 运费
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garfield123 提供的资料看到All are made in Japan,
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All are made in Japan, except the model UP-118S PE, which is made in Kawai's Indonesian factory.
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美国零售价: http://www.pianobuyer.com/current-issue/acoustic-prices-boston.html




您这意思国内买boston三角的都是拎不清人士,~~~~  发表于 2017-5-15 20:45
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上面某位说的没错。波士顿就是kawai在代工,哪来的made in usa。。。就是made in japan,kawai的中端线在做,也就是现在的gx线在帮忙做boston三角。仗着s的名气,国内价格开的比gx高很多,在美帝价格kawai就是跟boston差不多的。这个搞这个行业的基本上都知道吧


兄台确有made in usa的boston 三角琴,只是你不知道!  发表于 2017-5-18 10:20


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